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About Our Church


Bro. Darrell Woodard

Bro. Darrell Woodard has served as Southside’s minister since January of 2023.  Born on the Westside of Chicago, Bro. Woodard has served congregations  from Chicago to Milwaukee, WI to Pittsburgh, PA prior to accepting his calling in Syracuse, NY.

Bro. Woodard has a background in education and is an experienced school teacher, counselor, and administrator in all of the aforementioned locales. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor providing individual, family, & group therapy.

Although he has earned 7 college degrees, including a doctorate in Biblical Studies & Pastoral Counseling, Bro. Woodard’s wants it to be known that he started preaching the gospel before ever having a single degree. Although Bro. Woodard appreciates the formal education, he has learned more Bible from seasoned gospel preachers.

Among his mentors and “fathers” in the gospel are the late John Wright of the 23rd Avenue Church of Christ, Kenosha, WI, the late James Jelks of the Ogden Avenue Church of Christ, Chicago, Sylvester Stone of the Church of Christ, Indianapolis, IN, the late James McGowan of the Kishwaukee Street Church of Christ, Rockford, IL, David Padfield of the Lewis Avenue Church of Christ, Zion, IL, the eldership of Tom Hanyard and Phil Hanyard of the Hampton Avenue Church of Christ, Milwaukee, WI, Evangelist Robert Benson, and Elders Bob Baynes, and Eric Benson of the Homewood Church of Christ, Pittsburgh, PA.

Preaching and teaching the gospel is a privilege and truly a labor of love for Bro. Darrell Anthony White Woodard.  If you have any Bible questions, please reach out to Bro. Woodard. He would love to study and reason on God’s word with you.